About US


we take pride in representing our strong company culture. We are located in the heart of Himachal Pradesh. We have a skilled pool of technical professionals that have expertise in the latest mobile and web technologies, offering versatile information technology solutions to our global business clients. Our innovative ways for IT services have made us the leaders in this field. We have many skills and processes that have led to our success. When you entitle us your project to get our services you can expect:

Effective for small and dedicated projects which are web app or mobile app related

Robust development idea focused stringently by us

Timely completion of project as decided before its start-up

Affordable prices

Experienced team of professionals working on your project

In the calms of the greate Himalyas Irurik Software Labs is based. At ISL we are passionate about the Writting software that works, We love making aaps for mobile, Web & desktop and are available to write custom apps that helps to solve your problems.


Hamirpur ,Himachal Pradeh , India